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    Age: 21
    Name: Alexander aka bole1
    Steam profile:
    Profile name: bole1 -iwnl-

    1. What server do you apply for?:
    I’m applying for the surf server

    2. Do you have any experience with sourcemod and the admin menu?: Yes I do, though it was 3 years ago since I’ve been an admin on a server but I’m a quick learner and I think I’ll get it back within the first day or two.

    3. Do you have any experience in server administration?:
    Yes I’ve been admin twice on a community called csgaming.(twice because they relaunched when csgo came out)

    4. Have you read and understood our rules on our game server?:
    Yes I have and they’re understood 🙂
    5. Do you have a working mic?:

    6. Why should you become admin on our server?:
    I surf alot on your server(s) 🙂 and I can tell that you lack admins at the moment. Also I think I’m a fun person to have around and people usually think so as well but frankly I’d just like to help because I’m really diggin’ the surf server.

    7. Tell us a little about yourself:
    To be honest I dont really know what to tell but I’ll try to say something…
    My name is Alex I love drawing. I would say that’s my biggest ambition in life. I strive to be a Professional artist one day. When I’m not playing counter strike then I’m usually drawing and listening to music. Music is also a huge part of my life I’m really influenced by bands such as ”NIRVANA” and Tame Impala” but my taste is really wide, so basically it varies from day to day.

    8. What do you do if someone comes in the server and plays music through the mic?:
    I would politly tell them to stop and if they continue I would tell them the circumstances, and hopefully there’s no punishment needed.

    9. How long ban would you put on someone that is cheating?:
    Personally I don’t really like cheaters that much but I wouldn’t let that cloud my judgement, First of I would try to find out what kind of cheat they used. Secondly I would try to find out on how many occasions this person used this cheat on the server. Third of all I would take all these things into consideration and come up with a reasonable punishment. But over all it would be 1 day ban and if it continues then permaban, It really depends though on what kind of cheat it is imho.

    10. How would you act if an administrator is breaking the rules?:
    I would be like ”come on dude that’s TOS” and tell them not to act stupid and and just try my best to resolve the situation

    11. How would you act if someone you know is breaking the rules?:
    I would act the same way as if it was a stranger, but I’m a reasonable and humble guy so I would probably fix it in a snap so hopefully there’s no need for a punishment.

    With best regards

    Alexander aka bole1

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    Accepterad! Välkommen till SvenskCS 🙂

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